A city holds a variety of expressions - layer upon layer in a refined, ongoing choreography.
Interact with the audio-visual experience with your movements, and let them help you discover new areas.

To get the full experience, turn on your webcamera.
And feel safe, we won’t use it to sneak peek on you.

For the best experience, we encourage you to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.


Concept Carolina Bäckman (Nomodaco)
Johan von Boer (HUMlab)
Linus Andersson (Lampray)
Johannes Burström
Programming Johan von Boer
Johannes Burström
Project Management Linus Andersson
Carolina Bäckman
Producer HUMlab Karin Jangert
Music Johannes Burström
David Sandström
Cinematography Mattias Andersson
Technician Christine Erlbeck
Choreography Carolina Bäckman
Tove Skeidsvoll
Karin Modigh
Cao Dúc Toàn
Dance Anna Ehnberg
Minttu Pietälä
Veronika Yakushevich
Irène Ginger
Cao Chí Thành
Vu Van Nguyen


Artistic Directors Nomodaco
Carolina Bäckman
Anna Ehnberg
Tove Skeidsvoll
Music and Sound Design Johannes Burström
David Sandström
Set Design Anna Misharina
Peter Öhgren
Light Design Tobias Leira
Video Design Linus Andersson
Costume Design Marie Schulz
Graphic Design SGC&LLL
Producer Emmy Astbury
Project Manager Lina Lundin
With support from Umeå 2014 and HUMlab

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